Learning to Roll:

A Savvy Momma's Step- By- Step Guide to Baby Milestone Mastery


Go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered & confident while teaching your baby how to roll & master milestones for months to come

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This course is for busy mommas who are looking for a step by step , no-nonsense approach to help your baby.


You desperately want to provide your baby with everything they need, but you’re not sure where to find reliable, trusted information.


Whether you are:

  • A new or expecting momma who’s ready to learn how to set your baby up for success
  • A mom who loves a step-by-step playbook and is curious about how to help your baby move forward and hit their milestones
  • Sick of feeling like you’re not sure you know what’s best for your baby’s development
  • Tired of 3AM Google searches on “how to help my baby roll,” or “how to do tummy time.” (Absolutely NO shame here, girlfriend.)
  • Struggling as you watch your baby hate tummy time and cry every time you put them down, and you’re afraid your little might be falling behind on their motor skills
  • A momma whose baby is already receiving physical or occupational therapy and you’re looking for a bit of extra video guidance to enhance your journey
  • Ready to become the expert in your baby’s development with the support and resources you need and deserve
  • Or, straight up does not want to 'wait and see' if your baby will meet their milestones


You are in the right place, momma. Learning to Roll will give you tools, play strategies, and unparalleled support on your journey to help your baby master their milestones.

By the end of this program

you will have:

Mastered the Step-by-Step Process 

To teach your baby how to roll in all the directions. Plus full confidence in the skills & tools you need 

Learned Hands on Techniques  

Know EXACTLY where to put your hands to roll in all the directions. 


A Plan for Purposeful & Intentional Play  

How to play with your baby to make the biggest impact in their rolling skills. Plus all the play activities to support your little along the way. 


Understanding of Rolling Development  

Knowing every baby is different, discover what progress & milestone success will look like for your baby 

Knowledge of what Toys to Use 

How to position toys to encourage rolling. The know-how to set up and create a smart play space (working smart, not hard)  

Are you ready? 

Step into your power as a badass mom who knows what’s best for her baby! I know you’ve got this, momma.

'Dr. Deana is absolutely amazing! Her rolling course helped our fella roll like a champ! 

Her course helped us teach him how to roll in all the directions especially from his tummy to back! It's filled with eviddence-based information and tons of fun play ideas. Highly recommend!' 

Holly + Sammy {Learning to Roll Graduates!}


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"Deana is incredibly friendly, a joy to work with.

She knows all the tips and tricks to get babies who are not moving on their own to achieve all sorts of motor milestones- tricks that I never would have thought to try, but really work!’ 

K Schroeder, Momma & Client


Give me the breakdown, Deana. What's included?   


You are a busy momma, doing all the things all the time. So we’re not wasting any time inside this course! Each module of Learning to Roll is broken down into 4-5 short, easy-to-implement video lessons. 

You’ll also receive over 20 play activities designed to support your baby all the way to milestone mastery. 

 Plus, the moment you enroll, you’ll gain access to ALL the modules immediately so you can dive in, binge watch, rewatch or take it one small step at a time! 

 And I’ll be honest with you, lady. There are a million PDF guides out there that describe the basics of milestone development. But these course videos show you how to move and help your baby to achieve fastpredictable, and often instant results.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside:

4 Modules with over 16 Video Lessons + supporting PDF's


Module 1

The Basics 

4 Video Lessons: This is where you’ll learn to create a rock-solid foundation for your baby. We’ll cover the three types of rolling, everything you need to know to set up your play space, what toys to choose for your baby, how to structure 20 minutes of purposeful play, and how to tell if your baby is falling behind in their progress.

I have you covered with a Milestone Red Flag PDF and Rolling Progression PDF for extra oomph. 


Module 2

Rolling Back to Side Lying 

5 Video Lessons: We’re talking all things side-lying, including the three critical components of side-lying, a step-by-step process to help your baby roll side-lying, and learning to play in a side-lying position. Plus, since growing and learning new things is hard, I include all the tricks to troubleshoot the most common challenges mommas and babies face. (After 10 years of experience, I’ve seen it all!)

Module 3

Rolling Belly To Back  

5 Video Lessons: You’ll learn the crucial components of rolling belly-to-back with a hands-on demonstration of how to help and where to place your hands to support your baby. We’ll also cover my perfected method of tuck-and-roll and how to navigate tummy time troubles.

Module 4

Rolling Back To Belly 

4 Video Lessons: The secret sauce, the most important, the keystone to development: rolling back to belly! This is where the magic happens. The skills your baby learns here will positively impact and support their milestone journey to walking and beyond. Master this skill, and the rest is smoooooth sailing. I truly believe this is the key to successful development.

We’ll cover the step-by-step process to connect everything you’ve learned in the first three modules, including how to give your baby juuuust enough support as they learn independence. Put together all the puzzle pieces from reaching, to vision development, and strengthening, plus learn how to tell where your baby might need a little extra help. 

And, because this is the most challenging yet important part, I have all the play activities you will need plus troubleshooting every roadblock you might encounter—everything from easy fixes with toy placement to slow but steady progress. Learning is hard, but I have thought of it all!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:



  • FOUR Self Paced Modules

    EVERYTHING you need to know to help your baby learn to roll from their back to their sides, back to their belly and from belly to back!

  • Step by Step Video Guidance

    Each module is broken down into 4-5 short, easy to digest & implement video lessons. You are a busy momma & I have got you covered.
  • Guess Work Eliminated 

    I'll show you EXACTLY where to place your hands, move your baby, what toys to choose, when to practice and where to put the dang toy to get your baby rolling
  • Over 20 Play Activities 

    Keeping your baby interested and stimulated as they learn to master rolling! 


 (A $650 Value)



Plus, a few extras too make the experience extra sweet!  

Momma, you’re going to have questions throughout this process. And part of what makes this program wildly different from any other course on the market are these value-packed bonuses that will help you feel supported and encouraged along the way.

Bonus 1

Tummy Time Solutions 

Successful rolling goes hand in hand with a solid tummy time foundation. 

Raise your hand if you have a tummy time hater? Or nervous that's where you are headed?  

What You’ll Get:

  • Full access to my online course Tummy Time Solutions  
  • 10 Videos with my step by step process to turn your baby into a tummy time mater on their way to learning to roll! 
  • Create a customized tummy time plan perfect for you and your baby

Bonus 2

Live Q&A + Private Facebook Community  

Access to Live Q&A Sessions with Deana Inside the Private, Members-Only Facebook Group

Get unstuck in minutes with direct access to the expert! Move forward with total clarity and confidence while engaging with an active, highly supportive community of fellow mommas.

What You’ll Get:

  • Access to live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence
  • An active and highly supportive facebook community with fellow mommas who are walking this journey along your side
  • A space to support & empower other mommas to fill your motivation tank because let’s be honest, we were not meant to parent in isolation!


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Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee 

Learning to Roll: A Savvy Momma’s Step-by-Step Guide to Baby Milestone Mastery is THE most comprehensive program you will find to teach you and your little how to get rolling. 

If after 14 days you don’t feel totally confident and empowered in your journey to help your baby learn to roll, simply reach out to me, show me you’ve put in the work and you’ll receive a full refund.

Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Burning questions fellow mommas have asked before jumping in!

Still on the fence? 


You should give Learning to Roll: A Savvy Momma’s Step-by-Step Guide to Baby Milestone Mastery a 14-day, risk-free chance if you:


✔️ Want answers to your burning questions, like, REALLY badly (I get it, momma!)

✔️ Have tried piecing together the info you need from late-night Google searches and want a more direct, time-saving solution

✔️ Are craving support and community from other like-minded, savvy mommas 

✔️ Are tired of just waiting for your baby to move and want to make sure they’re off to the best start possible

✔️ Are ready for the step-by-step process for teaching your baby how to roll, because let’s face it—babies don’t come with instructions but there ARE instructions for this! 


I am on a mission to support every momma I can in teaching their littles to roll, and for good reason! This is THE pivotal skill that will support their long-term milestone development. This skill is the key and the rest is gravy, baby.


So get off Google, pour something cold or hot in mommy’s sippy cup, and join me! We’re leaving panic and overwhelm behind, sister, and I cannot wait to watch you shine inside Learning to Roll!


Hi, I’m Deana! I’m a pediatric physical therapist and pediatric clinical specialist who’s a momma of two littles, here in the trenches of motherhood right alongside you. 

With over 10 years of experience under my belt, I absolutely live for empowering moms and their babies to learn and do hard things. My goal is to help warrior women like you make extraordinary milestones out of the most ordinary moments. 

I cannot wait to watch you shine and want to be with you every step of the way! 



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