"Next Small Step helps you navigate through all of life's challenges with a little one. It is perfect for any mom at any stage in the journey, first kid or fifth kid. We are all just trying to do the best we can for our babies. Deana has encouraged me and helped me survive motherhood in so many ways. Specifically though, she helped me find exercises to help my son gain better range of motion in his neck when he struggled to look left as an infant. She also helped me encourage him to begin standing and he got older with small little life hacks that worked like a charm. Even more incredible is that all the progress was accomplished through phone calls, texts, and video chats that occurred at times that were convenient for me. I highly recommend Next Small Step, you won't be disappointed!"


"We have had a truly amazing experience with Deana. When we first started working with her, our then 13-month-old was slow in her motor development and couldn’t roll, get into a sitting position, crawl, pull up to stand, or cruise furniture. With just four in home sessions over the course of a month, Deana has coached us to help our daughter achieve all of these milestones! Deana is incredibly friendly, a joy to work with, and experienced in pediatric PT. She knows all the tips and tricks to get babies who are not moving on their own to achieve all sorts of motor milestones- tricks that I never would have thought to try, but really work! We really enjoy that she comes to our home and works with us to find a convenient time that works for our busy schedule. Having an in-home PT is also great because our daughter feels more comfortable, and we are learning the exercises together in the same place we will be practicing them for the following week. Deana is also super responsive via text. Whenever we have a question about our progress, she is quick to give us suggestions to try so we always feel like we have the support we need to help our daughter surmount her next motor obstacle. I highly recommend Deana as a fantastic, experienced, caring, and fun pediatric PT for anyone with concerns about their child’s motor development"


"I love love LOVED the 10 day tummy time course! My babe went from face down on the mat sessions to holding her head high and looking around - in less than 10 days! Deana really walks you through all the steps, giving you the tips and tricks needed to help your baby build their strength up, no matter their age. Any child can benefit from this course. The cherry on top? She provides a pdf download to complete as you go through the ten days, thereby ensuring that you walk away from this with a written game plan to help you even after the course is finished. I highly recommend it to all parents!"


"Hands down amazing! I took the online video session of 10 days for no tears tummy time and learned so much! My son who is 3 months would cry within seconds. I followed the videos and by the 8th day my sons daycare was asking me what I did to help improve his time on his belly. The entire time I was supported and able to ask questions. Forever grateful!!"


"Deana is the perfect blend of educator and friend. She has the same heart for your baby as you have for your own baby. She is honest and understanding. She helps you see why alternate options may benefit your baby without making you feel you did wrong. She is simply the best!"


"My little one and I had a great experience working with Deana! From booking to the consultation to the session itself, she was prompt, professional, and very friendly. Deana was wonderful with my little one and listened to my concerns and goals. She took time to educate me on child development and exercises, and really made me feel at ease and empowered. We appreciated her knowledge and guidance!"

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