Laura G's Beautiful Baby Boy 

'As a first time mom, the only thing I was familiar with was the feeling of having no clue what I was doing. I questioned everything. Luckily I had Deana to lean on. When I started tummy time and my son screamed endlessly and I felt like I was doing something hurtful instead of helpful to his development she was there to reassure me and offer tips. Who knew it could be small spurts of tummy time throughout the day instead of one long stretch full of baby tears, a new mama's heart breaking, and frustration for all.  As a healthcare worker, I think I put even more pressure on myself to do things "right" because it was my job to care for people. Let me add, that I do adult/ gerontology healthcare not pediatrics. However, I did notice early on that my son would not/ did not like to turn his head to the left. I automatically started imagining the flat spots that would develop on his head and the new mother postpartum mind spiral begins. One quick message to Deana and she had already developed a plan to help. Through pictures, video chats, and phone calls she was able to offer advice on stretching and ways to position him that "gently forced" him to move his neck towards the left. She told me tips and tools to move his attention away from his right side and try to encourage more left movement. Any time that I had a question or concern she was there to listen.  It wasn't long after I started making a few of these slight changes that Deana recommended that I saw vast improvement. I am happy to report that my son has a "normal" shaped head and he has full range of motion in his neck.  Here's the amazing thing, with almost 3000 miles between us, Deana was still able to accomplish this and it didn't stop there. Through my sons first year of life there have been many other times when I had questions about his developmental stages and how he should be progressing through them, Deana has something helpful to add. She is amazing! I highly recommend Next Small Step for all things baby, I know you won't be disappointed!' ~ Laura G 


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