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My Top 5 Favorite Toys for Babies Under 6 Months

If you are a momma, you have heard this countless times from friends & family.

“What can I buy your baby for {insert any and every winter holiday or milestone celebration}?”

Or, if you are an expecting momma have you ever stared at a blank registry screen thinking “what toys should I buy my baby?”

Stop the scroll and rest the search – I have a few favorites that will help keep your baby on track with their milestones while also celebrating the concept of simplicity. I believe less is more and you baby does not need 25 toys at any one given time.

And here is the secret, if you know the TYPES of toys your baby needs and will support their development, you can choose from any number of options with confidence! I much prefer to teach you why each type of toy is best and then let you take over the scroll to find the perfect fit for your family.

Whether you’re the ‘Montessori, wooden, recycled post consumer product’ kinda momma or the ‘give me all the lights, shiny Vtech is my jam’ kinda momma, I have you covered.

Without further delay – my favorite types of toys for babies under 6 months old!


Babies are very drawn to faces in the first 3 months of life as their vision is developing. They can see faces, high contrast and light well – everything else is a bit of a blur. But mirrors will last you well beyond those early months of side lying play. Babies will be drawn to faces even up to and beyond a year as they learn to play peek-a-boo, hide & seek and learn to identify all the body parts.

From 3-6 months mirrors can be an excellent tool for side lying play & tummy time as babies learn to roll and explore on the floor.

Fun Fact: babies have no idea the baby in the mirror is actually them until about 14 months old. They are just super excited to have a friend, smiling back, sharing in the tummy time joy!

High Contrast Images

Back to the vision – new born babies cannot see color well! This has to develop over the next several months. Another fun fact – babies do not achieve adult vision until about 9 months! That is a long time! Looking at high contrast images with black, white & red is an excellent visual & cognitive activity to practice to enhance your babies learning in those early months.

Focus on times when your baby is awake, content and looking around. Bonus if you have them on the floor playing on their sides or on their tummy. These images will be highly entertaining at this age if your baby is having a calm and quiet moment!

Light Weight Rattles

Why are so many baby products SO heavy? I find many of the “rattles” available for little ones are large, heavy and not easy to hold. Exactly opposite of what we want as our babies learn early reaching, grasping and transferring toys from side to side.

Look for rattles that have one or multiple qualities listed below

Small diameter to allow for easy grasping

Round or oval “ring” toys again fro easy grasping

Light weight – this is a must especially for babies 2-4 months during early reaching

Look for lots of options for babies to weave their little fingers in and get a grip

Large Cause & Effect Toys

While rattles are really important as manipulatives to learn grasping & transferring skills, it is also very important for your baby to have some larger toys that will remain more stationary for your baby to move towards. I find with rolling & tummy time, babies might roll to their sides to grab the rattle and then roll right on back. And that’s fine, but your are going to want some time to “hang out” on their sides, and the heavy toys do the trick!

These larger toys are also great to support early sitting skills. Babies will use them to prop forward, reach & engage as they learn to balance and come into a more upright posture.

Music Toy : Bonus if it has lights!

Some babies are just going to need more distraction and motivation to do the harder skills like rolling & tummy time. A simple light up & music toy can be your greatest asset. Keep those babies engaged and motivated during some of the earliest and hardest milestones!

Cheers momma! Knowledge is power and now, you know how to buy smart and developmentally supportive toys for your baby!

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