Pediatric Clinical Specialist

Deciding When It's Time To Call A Pediatric Clinical Specialist

If you're concerned about certain aspects of your child's development, you may be wondering when it's time to call a pediatric clinical specialist. A pediatric clinical specialist is a physical therapist who has been trained in identifying issues in the development and movement of children, and knows how to create physical therapy programs to address and improve those issues. At Next Small Step, our pediatric clinical specialist can work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for your child. We can also include child wellness coaching to help you and your family address any other needs for your little one.

If you think that your child may benefit from seeing a pediatric clinical specialist or have developmental concerns, the next step is to chat with your pediatrician about your concerns. You can also reach out directly, and we will guide you in what questions to ask! It's a good idea to keep a list of your concerns so that you don't forget anything when you're talking to your doctor. If your child's doctor agrees that seeing a pediatric clinical specialist is the next right thing to do, they'll write you a referral.

From there, we'll work together to develop a physical therapy and child wellness coaching plan that helps your child excel. We'll work in small steps toward big goals, building your child's confidence in their abilities and skills while they work on hitting milestones. If you're ready to work with a pediatric physical therapist, call Next Small Step today to schedule your child's first appointment.

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