We believe in empowering parents to make informed decisions regarding the care of their children 

We believe kids are amazingly capable tiny humans and can learn hard things 

We believe confident women raise confident children. When we demonstrate bravery, courage & strength, our babies will learn by example  

We believe consistent, meaningful practice makes the largest impact in change 

We believe parents are THE BEST people to provide consistent and skilled care to their children. Empowering parents is the most effective way to promote a child's growth and development 

We believe parenting is a beautiful, hot mess and we are all in this together 

Because at the end of the day, motherhood is perfectly imperfect and we are all doing the best we can 

{and sometimes I yell at my kids too}


 Deana Rosaia PT, DPT, PCS

{Momma of two littles, Physical Therapist & Pediatric Clinical Specialist}

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