Infant Wellness Coaching

Connect With Other Parents At Our Free Baby Hangout

If you're the parent of a newborn, you know how isolating life at home with a brand new baby can feel. Whether you have family close by or not, you're likely alone when you're up for 3 am feedings, and when you're trying to keep the rest of your life in check while also taking the best possible care of your child. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a moment to check in with yourself and make sure that you're managing stress in a positive way. Talking with other parents is a great way to take a load off and remind yourself that you're never alone as you go through all the ups and downs of parenting.

Our baby hang out is a free program for parents who want to connect with other parents in the same stage of life. A member of our infant wellness coaching team attends baby hang out, acting as a resource to answer any questions that you have about your child's development. We understand that it can be tough to get out of the house and get to activities with a newborn, as most activities are geared toward preschool age. At baby hang out, you're welcome to bring your baby (toddlers too!) and allow the kids to interact with one another as you take a breather and connect with other parents.

As tough as parenting can be sometimes, you're not in this alone. Other parents in our area are going through the same things, and connecting with one another is a great way to help you meet your need for socializing and become a stronger, happier parent. Reach out to us today to learn more about our next baby hang out session - we'd love to see you there.

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