Four Secrets To Help Babies Learn To Roll 

Get unstuck and help your baby get rollin' 

In This Free Workshop



 All about the rolling milestones

so you can actually envision where your baby is headed and when they should get there. 


How to set your baby’s play space up for success

so you can work smarter not harder to help them reach those important milestones.


The magic of 20 minutes of intentional play

because you don’t have to spend the entire day helping your baby learn to roll!


The best kept secret of baby milestones

and how to ensure your little is getting enough floor time & tummy time.

✔️  Plus a special announcement and bonus just for attending!

You’re a dedicated, hardworking momma who just wants the very best for your baby. But maybe you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to helping your tiny human reach those important milestones. 

Don’t you worry, friend. You’re in good hands here. 

"Deana is awesome! She gives great tips and provides tangible evidence to help you and your little one meet and exceed milestones, all while having fun! As a first time mom, everyone just said TUMMY TIME and I was left with so many questions. Deana demystified it! Can't say enough good things!"

Holly + Sammy

Have you struggled knowing how to help your baby with their rolling milestones? 

🧡 When you’re a new momma, it can be so overwhelming to feel like you’re supposed to magically know and do all the things.

🧡 You’re frustrated by all the conflicting resources out there, and you’re just trying to do right by your kid.

🧡 I get it, and I’ve got your back.


This free training is absolutely perfect for you if:

☕️ You’re a savvy momma-to-be or new momma with your baby’s best interests at heart

☕️ You have a babe who’s 0-6 months old and you want to make sure they’re properly progressing through milestones

☕️ You’re trying to piecemeal a plan together from free online resources, family and friends’ advice, and your pediatrician and it’s all a bit overwhelming

☕️ You’re ready to be 100% confident that you’re setting your little one up for success

☕️ You’re excited to learn how to help your baby reach these milestones, and don’t want to just “wait and see”


A Note From The Instructor...

Hey momma! I’m Deana.

A pediatric physical therapist and mom of two babes who lives by reheated coffee and dry shampoo.

I’m so glad you’re here because one of my greatest joys in life is helping warrior women like you make extraordinary milestones out of the most ordinary moments.

So reheat that cup of coffee, keep your hair in that messy bun and join me.

I can’t wait to see you there live and start cheering you on!