The Blog - My Place for All the Nerdy Details  

My name is Deana. I am a pediatric physical therapist & pediatric clinical specialist. I am a Momma of two littles & this is my pediatric physical therapy & pediatric wellness based company designed to help families find their confidence and stride in all things development. 

This? This is my blog. It's the place I can nerd out over all the intense explanations for the simple motor development tasks we see our kids do every day. Play. 

It is my opportunity to dive deep into the concepts and theories I only glaze over in my Instagram feed {and if you are not following - head below to sign up - it's so fun!} It is my place to be the sciency momma talking about all the details. To serve you the best content in my heart & head.  It is the definition of infant wellness coaching, family training & heart.  From my imperfectly perfect journey to yours, thanks for joining. 

xo deana 

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