Tummy Time Solutions 



Complete step-by-step guide to eliminate the mystery & tears of tummy time while helping your baby master milestones  



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This Program is Perfect for:


- Babies 0-6 Months old

- Babies who "hate tummy time"

- Babies who are crying all the tears 

- Mommas confused about how to help their babies 

- Mommas wanting to be prepared

- Expecting mommas 

What You Will Learn: 

+ Where to practice tummy time based on your babies age & tolerance 

+ When to practice throughout the day 

+ How often to practice & timing for success 

+ How to position your baby to reduce frustration 

+ How to properly use tummy time supports 

+ What toys are best 

+ Creative solutions for babies with reflux & other challenges 

Self Paced Course

Step by Step guide designed to transform your babies tummy time experience


Videos & PDF's

10 Videos + PDF guides to create your custom Tummy Time plan for your baby based on their unique journey, age & tolerance


Lifetime Access 

Unlimited access to course materials. Review resources again & again while your baby masters tummy time


Buy Now $17

Hey There Momma!

My Name is Deana, Pediatric physical therapist with 10+ years of experience & momma of two littles. I am fueled by a steady stream of coffee, dry shampoo and extra toasty cheez its. Caffeine  & carbs make the world go 'round, am I right? 

I have helped hundreds of babies & families navigate the early months of motor milestones and here is my secret, babies are not born hating their tummies! 

My Secret sauce is helping families easily incorporate a few key strategies that make a huge impact in their babies tummy time success. In turn, tummy time mastery results in months & months of milestone delight! 

It is never to early, or to late to help your baby with this very important milestone skill. 

Let me be your guide as I break down my best tips & tricks to help create a custom plan for you and your baby! 



What They are Saying: 


'Deana is awesome! She gives great tips and provides tangible evidence to help you and your little one meet and exceed milestones, all while having fun! As a first time mom, everyone just said TUMMY TIME and I was left with so many questions. Deanna demystified it! Can't say enough good things!' ~ Holly


"My 5 month old son was not showing any signs of wanting to roll. Through Dr. Deana Rosaia’s 10 Days to No Tears Tummy Time guide, my son was not only enjoying tummy time, but really getting a hang of rolling!" ~ Alex


"I love love LOVED the 10 day tummy time course! My babe went from face down on the mat sessions to holding her head high and looking around - in less than 10 days! Deana really walks you through all the steps, giving you the tips and tricks needed to help your baby build their strength up, no matter their age. Any child can benefit from this course. The cherry on top? She provides a pdf download to complete as you go through the ten days, thereby ensuring that you walk away from this with a written game plan to help you even after the course is finished. I highly recommend it to all parents!" ~ Megan

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